Letizia Renzini is an italian multidisciplinary artist, with Florence as her base.
She travels regularly throughout Europe and beyond, assembling, creating, directing and performing her mixed media, drawing on her knowledge of and experience with, diverse artistic fields and disciplines.
Trained in music, film studies, and the arts, she has the technical skills necessary for her Gesamtkunstwerk or "opera totale". Totale because her work is contemporary but spans millennia. Totale because she works with sound, image, the written word, gesture and the performing arts, combining the digital with the analogical, engaging the audience in an experience of the immersive-yet-critical. She explores how avant-garde territories harmoniously fuse with traditional ones; in the arts, in our culture, and in everyday life.
She continually reinvents the boundaries of innovation, essential for the transmission of an ancient culture. Her radical approach to life and art aims to tackle the complexity of our contemporary age by looking backwards and standing on the shoulders of those who came before her. She believes in a New Artistic Renaissance, a new era in which the artist is demanded a timeless approach to the present, past and future.