A sound and video artist, a performer, she works with mixing media focusing her exploration on composition towards different languages. Director, musician, DJ, she works and creates in new music theatre, performing arts, installations and electronic music/visual.

During the ninties, she worked as music critician in magazines and newspapers (il Manifesto, Musica Jazz among others), and she’s been radio dj and speaker for indipendent and national  italian radio stations; she starts to work on audio and create videos for various venues, galleries, both in solo and with dancers, performers and musicians. She played, mixed and produced creative electronic, field recordings, abstract, free, funk, jazz, soul, r’n’b. drum and bass, jungle, sound poetry, radio, in solo and music groups.

From the 2000s, she works for RAI Radio3, presenting and mixing new music, jazz, free, impro, avant garde, electronic, ambient, and techno/breakbeat. In the meanwhile, she worked in the videoart/documentary and installation world, exposing and partecipating to many solo and collective exibitions, also creating videos and music for different venues, festivals  and museums.

In the performing arts field, she collaborates with some of the contemporary performing arts scene italian masters: as Romeo Castellucci (Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio) or Virgilio Sieni (Biennale di Venezia). Abroad, she collaborated with south african coreographer Robyn Orlin (Biennale Venezia 2012) Nicole Seiler (CH).

She  actually works as director, performer, dj and visual artist in theatre, music and contemporary art contexts such as Biennale di Venezia, Musiktheatre Transparant (BE), Schiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, Radialsystem Berlin, Fabbrica Europa Florence, Parco della Musica Rome, Centro Cultural de Belem Lisboa, State Theatre Pretoria, Macro Roma, The Place London, Opéra de Lille, Tanzeshus Stockholm, Zonzo Cie Antwerp, Philarmonie du Luxembourg, Royal Opera House London, CCS Strozzina Florence, ecc..

With gender issues, multidisciplinary approach, and a knowledge in contemporary instances, she believe in a new renaissance in arts and culture that can liberate our world from the ongoing dictature of the self and give to arts a collective prospect.